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5/16" Amsteel Blue
Just say “no”  to wire and chain
   Amsteel Blue  Synthetic Tow Rope
   100% made in the USA

Custom made in Southeast Missouri

Midwest Winchrope produces high quality hand assembled synthetic winch and tow ropes from AmSteel Blue rope, made by Samson Rope. AmSteel Blue is made from USA made fibers in the state of Washington.



AmSteel Blue is a high-performance 12-strand single braid of 100% Dyneema® SK-75 fiber, AmSteel®-Blue yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio, very low stretch, and is stronger than the same sized wire rope constructions — yet it floats. The Samthane coating enhances an already high abrasion and cut resistance.


Midwest Winchrope recommends the following guidelines for choosing tow ropes.

4 wheelers, UTV’s, jet skis and lawnmowers - 3/16” Amsteel blue rated at 5,400 lbs average strength is recommended

MWWR120 3/16" X 20' $26.25
MWWR125 3/16" X 25' $31.50
MWWR130 3/16" X 30' $36.75


3/16 Amsteel in hand

Jeeps, small to medium pickups – 5/16” Amsteel blue rated at 13,700 lbs average strength is recommended

MWWR 220 5/16” x  20’  ------  $63.00
MWWR225 5/16” x  25’  ------  $73.50
MWWR230 5/16” x  30’  ------  $84.00

Large pickups, small and medium size tractors - 3/8” Amsteel blue rated at 19,600 lbs average strength is recommended

MWWR320 3/8”  x  20’  ---- $84.00
MWWR325 3/8" x 25' ----- $94.50
MWWR330 3/8”  x  30’  ---  $105.00

Large tractors, combines and agricultural equipment – 3/4” Amsteel blue rated at 64,400 lbs average strength is recommended.  Price includes heavy duty 2” or 3”steel eyes


MWWR420 3/4”  x  20’  ------  $336.00
MWWR430 3/4”  x  30’  ------  $441.00
MWWR440 3/4”  x  40’  ------  $546.00
MWWR450 3/4”  x  50’  ------  $651.00

3/4 inch Amsteel blue doubled, 128,000 lbs average break strength is recommended for dirt scoops and heavy equipment.

MWWR420D 3/4" x 20' ----$525.00
MWWR430D 3/4" x 30' ----$725.00
MWWR440D 3/4" x 40' ----$925.00



Rope2 Rope Rope
Installed on 18 yard scoop train
19 ton Crosby hook with gusset
Sporting dog leash


Pic Pic Pic Pic


4400 lb Jeep Hanging by single piece of 3/16" Amsteel Blue Rope
164,000 LB Belly Rope to go from draw bar pin to front of articulated tractor.
164,000 LB Belly Rope installed under four wheel drive tractor.
3/16" 5400LB Amsteel Blue finished with customers stainless hook for lifting dinghy onto motor yacht





  • Winch ropes for anything with a winch
  • Tow ropes for any size machine, lawn mowers to bull dozers
Rope can be customized to your requirements.
Moose Skidding Dinghy Lifting
Rocket Building Anchor Lines
Handicap Tree Stands Wreckers
Vault Placement Dog Leash
Tile Plows Wrecker Wheel Strap
Dirt Scoops Bale Cotton Pickers
Cotton Module Builders Spray Rogs
Pickers and Combines Tractor Trailer
Rock Crawling Arborist
Mud Bogging Log Skidding
Utility Line Trucks Belly Rope
Trash Dumpsters  



MWWR150W 3/16 " x 50' winchrope with hook $60.00
MWWR2100W 5/16" x 100' winchrope with hook $214.00
MWWR3100W 3/8" x 100' winchrope with hook $296.00

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This is a close up of a broken 5/16 winch cable. Do you want to grab it bare handed or have it fly back at you at 100 mph?


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PO Box 633
Benton, MO 63736

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We will repair or replace, one time, any rope returned to us damaged.
Subsequent repairs will be at cost, plus shipping.

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Under no circumstances are we or the seller liable for any loss, damage or expenses of any kind
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